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Tiesto Vs Alesso Vs David Guetta Style Mix I New Year Mix 2016 #2

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Tiesto Vs Alesso Vs David Guetta Style Mix I New Year Mix 2016. Hope you enjoy this Tiesto Vs Alesso Vs David Guetta Style Mix ! Share this New Year Mix, let's make 2016 better than ever ! Like for more Tiesto, Alesso, David Guetta Style Mixes. Download: https://www.hive.co/l/mfsz ►Facebook : https://goo.gl/YX9aVd ►Snapchat : davidparker6 If you are reading this, comment → I ♥ title W/ David Parker
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Text Comments (36)
TUTOS PC XD (10 months ago)
Eduarlin (1 year ago)
Tiesto es mejor
Joan Trujillo (1 year ago)
como se llama la canción la primera del inicio
Nkosilathi Mlandeli (2 years ago)
wats the title track of the song at 14:09
Nkosilathi Mlandeli (2 years ago)
and the one at 09:34?
Maxime Z (2 years ago)
Hello people i need a name for the first track thank u
amir toyserkani (2 years ago)
play list ??? please
Nick Damons (2 years ago)
song at 26th minute ??
Luis Lopez (2 years ago)
I like this video are pretty beautiful women
Uziel Trindade (2 years ago)
play list?
Valentina Mnairjy (2 years ago)
MrPoldekrosmol (2 years ago)
girl, if you scratch that paintjob amma smack yo ass!
Adrian Damian (2 years ago)
namber 1
Zaraza (2 years ago)
playlist mother runer!!!
Gabriel Castro (2 years ago)
somzera, mais um inscrito, só falta tracklist
dario borda (2 years ago)
yeeaaaaa! excelente remix
Zayane Thayna (2 years ago)
track 13:20 ?
SA601154 (2 years ago)
Why arent't you at the Spinning Records? 😜
Hery Cha (2 years ago)
This best remix David Parker, please give playlist, if u give playlist i can subscribe
Whaspex (2 years ago)
Playlist ?!!?!!!?
Hery Cha (2 years ago)
please give playlist
Egan Elgas (2 years ago)
Thank you David Parker.. this is a cool mix :v
Giordano Colleoni (2 years ago)
Tks for the mix, great!
CANAL L.C (2 years ago)
please pass the playlist
Jorge Donjuan (2 years ago)
playlist? please/Por favor!!!
Guilherme Lima (2 years ago)
top, very good
17tijoe (2 years ago)
Never stop doing that kind of remix.. just so great!
Adi-G (2 years ago)
Ebola Parker in the Mix! <3
Raymundo Calderon (2 years ago)
+David Parker dónde puedo registrarme para obtener el track list héres genial...
David Parker (2 years ago)
I wrote 50 not 47, open your eyes. 
Adi-G (2 years ago)
+David Parker good that I am 47. 
David Parker (2 years ago)
That's just creepy. You're like 50 years old. 
Adi-G (2 years ago)
+David Parker but you are my role model! <3
hellmanshot (2 years ago)
Top. Best Sound. Parabéns Very good
iluminat (2 years ago)
the best

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