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Does Crust Punk Suck?

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Text Comments (1456)
Cameron Gregory (27 days ago)
Most of these are just dirty people not actual crusties. FOAD motherfucker ŃØÏŠË ŃÖT MŪŚĪČ
Lincoln Lux (1 month ago)
Greg I want a Tesla shirt! :)
brian wrightsman (1 month ago)
Please kill yourself
malaperdas malaperdas (2 months ago)
Alice Calderon (3 months ago)
Dumb ass
blueeyedbutcher 555 (3 months ago)
Dirty ass people
Micki Babe (3 months ago)
I remember seeing this video years ago and hating the crust punk style; but now I fucking love it lol
Marcel Z. (3 months ago)
big thumbs doooown
Nick Hassel (3 months ago)
Punks Not Fucken Dead
Alisdair Smith (3 months ago)
None of this was crust punk!!!! You need to get your shit right
Felicia Lacticia (3 months ago)
i hate this so much
ian ian (4 months ago)
Fack you I am a crust punk
jochem stouten (5 months ago)
i am not a crust punk but you must be sarcastic about your act on YouTube otherwise u really a dick man =/
Bob Hope (5 months ago)
Who’s this queer Bet u five bucks I’ll win a fight with this guy all day long.. this is why old people hate people my age cause they see jack a$$’s and think we are all like this jerk
SkazyXD ت (6 months ago)
SkazyXD ت (6 months ago)
The punks not dead!
Chi Pa Pa (6 months ago)
If someone looked like a Zabrak I would totally date them!
Robert Garcia (6 months ago)
Wow this guy is so ignorant
Bun Wick (6 months ago)
1:50 - believe me for some she is the peak of good looking
Ranting with Turkie (6 months ago)
basically. You're a bitch.
Glass Mushroom Films (8 months ago)
emo goth?? he’s such a fucking faggot
Josip Sprajc (8 months ago)
Talk about pop fagot
Josip Sprajc (8 months ago)
Why are you talking about punk??Do you now whats punk anyway?!?
Kewal Maharjan (9 months ago)
Fuck you
AmazinglyBad Art (9 months ago)
Is System of a Down and Metallica and that shit crust punk because you know, they’re like, awesome.
Minecraft Gamergirl420 (9 months ago)
;-; god I hate this kid
Blaize Kcivon (9 months ago)
Dude you have no clue. You’re stereotypical dumb ass white boy not to mention you were off topic & just showing some people w/tats man. You’re lame
Rene Mendoza (9 months ago)
Hey you look stupid 🤗 You look stupid too 😍😍 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Branislav Bozanic (9 months ago)
you have no idea what the crust punk is really
jannvs ahri (10 months ago)
Punk music simply sucks,only for person who could enjoy masturbating with sandpapers,hip hop & rap too
Samantha Eastwood (10 months ago)
I know nothing about crust punk so this is going to suck.
Music Boy (11 months ago)
How can anybody watch this dude
Madelyn Russell (1 year ago)
Dude if you wanna know what crust punk is just look up tankgirl
5am Adventures (1 year ago)
I neeeeed hashbroowwwn
Braxton Bearden (1 year ago)
who wants a corporate job. I do like the jokes. it's pretty funny
Jean Masturbin (1 year ago)
Let me spare you some time: yes, crust punk suck ass ! Crusties are just a bunch of fagotty metalheads who wanted something with "punk" in it
Taylor Anthonsen (1 year ago)
I love punk music, but the way some people dress as the stereotypical punks (mohawks, vests, boots, and ripped jeans) makes me cringe. I wear something different than the stereotype.
Riley Graham (1 year ago)
Im fucking crying at Michael cera 1:0"
Chicken Permission (1 year ago)
Punks hope you die
Miranda Hampton (1 year ago)
I'm going punk
Branden Gonzalez (1 year ago)
This guys super ignorant
Andrejs Libava (1 year ago)
this guy suck
DEdens1525 (1 year ago)
You crunch poop!
Rosa Vasquez (1 year ago)
im a mix between a shouthern bell and punk
Joseph Glisson (1 year ago)
Sir do you know who Michael Cera is? And if so what about photoshop
\ Ningastar / (1 year ago)
"Hey guys I don't fucking care that the majority of people from the pictures aren't even crust punks but I REALLY FUCKING know a lot about them"🐓🐓🐓🐓
The Gamer Punk (1 year ago)
Look at all the snowflakes crying in the comments about how this guys ripping on crust punk, its the fucking internet! You're opinion doesn't matter!
Becca Corrine (1 year ago)
Crust punk are just punks who want to live on the streets and hop trains. sincerely someone who actually has crust punk friends aha
I'm older than this guy.
Lawrence Medina (1 year ago)
Do people like to hear you talk outside of the internet?
Zombie Onyx (1 year ago)
0:17 She has a Siouxsie and the Banshees shirt, so she's got good taste in music.
Max Payne (1 year ago)
where's music?
SOYMILK (1 year ago)
This has nothing to do with crust punk
Olivia Bryan (1 year ago)
I didn't know crust punk was a thing.... and I'm a punk
Cringe babies (1 year ago)
i would trade a million onisions for one cat. dosent mean i dont love onion.
Dr Don (1 year ago)
I dont think someone that listens to bvb can say any music genre sucks lol
Roberto Murillo (1 year ago)
The last girl at the end of this video, I like her so much and she looks perfect. But sadly.... I don't know if these girls are feminist. =( I don't like those crazy spiky pointing hair except the last one. in my opinion a good punk girl with a cool and beautiful hair cut would be a pixie hair cut, not this shittiest zebra heads.
Jerico Navas (1 year ago)
How do I find this guy so I can beat him up.
ShroomZed (1 year ago)
Lol the fuck is this?
Joey Ludlow (1 year ago)
was für ein reaktionärer spiesser bestimmt Trump wähler ...
christa sanchez (1 year ago)
"its like you got your clothes from a dumpster outside a concentration camp" im glad you caught on to what they were going for
William Munson (1 year ago)
Bro, I'm pretty sure that having a Youtube channel alone could also prevent you from getting a job... unless of course you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
Felicia Hägg (1 year ago)
irony he states how "evil" satan 'is' and yet how he loves the satanic bible. ohh the irony
MLD 94 (1 year ago)
fucking moron
Shelby Matthews (1 year ago)
Eat my crust punk shIT jk. I laughd even though this is currently my style.
Gummy Mintz (1 year ago)
Did he just say a women's boobs are the most attractive part of their body?
Abaddon Guecubu (1 year ago)
you just googled random pictures and started bashing them... get back on topic with crust punk. stupid amateur youtuber never even got to the point on why the music sucks lmao bitch ass emo kids hating
Kyle Boylan (1 year ago)
your an idiot
Will Stanbury (1 year ago)
Crust is supposed to be a mix of hardcore punk and black metal. I love black metal, but im not usually too into crust
SidtheKid (1 year ago)
I was gonna get triggered (being a punk) but as long as he has no clue what he's talking about, along with mixing genres, I'm okay with it. and the best thing is, punks don't care what anyone thinks, that's the reason for the stupid (totally rad) fashion.
john m (1 year ago)
As uninformed as this guy is, crust punk fuckin sucks. More of a bunch of privileged hippies who wish they were homeless then punks.
trashy sushi (1 year ago)
hard core punks are mostly straight edge you know wat actually I'm not going to try to explain punk to you fuck you
carnage killer (1 year ago)
being a punk I'm offended but hey I don't give a fuck want people say
Justin Broderick (1 year ago)
your a fucking idiot. you should educate yourself before you decide to try and talk shit about others. talk about finding a job, says the little silver spoon fed bitch boy who couldnt manage to get off his ass and find one himself. so you talk to yourself in a fucking camera.
Couchingzone (1 year ago)
Please come to my crust punk show, just to remind us how much we hat you racist and classist white upperclass bros who never experienced any discrimination or problems. People like you are the reason we play punk.
Imetral (1 year ago)
in this video: an onionboi who knows nothing about crust punk or metal talks shit about pictures that mostly aren't even crust punk.
Neuro Mancer (1 year ago)
those chicks arent crust, your probably the most ignorant fuck ive seen try to insult what cant really be insulted because to them your just meat that thinks hes relevant to the world. Crusties are basically dark minded hippies, you have no right to judge anyone you gumpy lookin tool. what a judgmental ugly pos haha I grew up a crusty and it was practical, not everyone wore a bunch of bs, think of it as people who live out side of society,who police and govern themselves and choose to live outside of social norms which takes courgae passion and dedication. You can sit there and judge on your high horse with your gay little videos, but do you see these people filming themselves and whoring out for views so they can survive in the world? no they take the high difficult road and are more noble than you will ever comprehend. Because you obviously cant and seem to have below average intelligence just by the simple fact that most of the pictures you show, HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH CRUST AS A GENRE WHAT SO EVER. There are distinct factions of punks out there and many live by differnt ideologies and hold strong beliefs, they are not pretending to be poor. they are choosing an alternate life style, a sub culture, to separate themselves from the established social norm to live a differnt kind of life, one with true happiness and purpose, I bet a dude like you actually gives a shit what people think and care about shit that doesnt matter AT ALL in the eys of the universe. you dont matter, what you say think film, DOES NOT MATTER, your a waste of space oxygen and life, I would say kill yourself but I bet thats already crossed your sad egotistical mind. People like you are the reasons punks exist, you hold your opinions and judgement s like you have some kind of right to it but let me tell you this you entitled opinionated prick, nothing you think will ever be right accurate or definitive, your thoughts come from your tiny little brain and make no difference in reality. Punks do everything themselves, good ones at least, grow their own food, take care and help their communities and it provides a place for outcasts who have no place else to go. Just cause you look like a troll doesnt mean you should act like one, get a brain man.
Niklas Garski (1 year ago)
This guy is a true idiot.
Javier Borges (1 year ago)
Mmzero562 (1 year ago)
crust punks actually grow up to be pretty successful people. some of the best peeps I know.
Ryan James (1 year ago)
Dude, grow a fucking beard and stfu
Jay Christopher (1 year ago)
fuck this guy..
henry pendle (1 year ago)
I yawned. Ahhhhh. . . Still with the lame jokes and remarks.
Paffen Päft (1 year ago)
0.42 hey thats marcia from brazil
Danny Hernandez (1 year ago)
hippie punx
PunkInDrublic98 (1 year ago)
A guy in a Tesla jersey insults crusts. Wew lad at least you tried a little bit.
ELIN sörmark (1 year ago)
that's thr point of punk. What? Everything he said.
John Wayne Gacy (1 year ago)
-Insert butthurt comment here-
Marco S (1 year ago)
What a tool.
Aidan Gettel (1 year ago)
you realize a lot of punks follow the straight edge movement where they abstain from drugs alcohol and having lots a casual sex with multiple people. most are vegans like you so do a little bit more research. later psycho
Stanley Jenkins (1 year ago)
I fucking hate this fucking Deutsche so fucking bad
Moe Emmanuel (1 year ago)
You have no fucking idea of punk so shut your mouth!!
New East (1 year ago)
Talk shit get hit
Doc Benway (1 year ago)
This dudes even more twisted than patrick bateman.get some help man.
decapitate state (1 year ago)
this guy's an idiot
NPC GupGup (1 year ago)
let's go punk
Basile Gougnard (1 year ago)
fuck you man
Janusz Husaria (1 year ago)
Marsh Mellow Cream (1 year ago)
the best crust punk is electro hippies

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