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Top Dating Sites In India | Do They Really Work?

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In this video I have explained about dating sites in india and how well they work! Please subscribe to my channel if you want to see more such videos!
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amit dhanola (1 day ago)
Fake app
shankar Sharma (6 days ago)
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S KUMAR (16 days ago)
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ap channel (23 days ago)
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Nukul Sharma (26 days ago)
Good Bhai,, aapne true bate bataye , thanks ,,or bhi videos banao Bhai
Dayal Shambhu (27 days ago)
Aap bhi dost internet k pure khiladi ho
Azam khan (29 days ago)
gyaan aapne bahut achcha diya hai .thank u
Shehroz Pathan (28 days ago)
Azam khan bhai ye kaam kaa h???
Rakesh Das (1 month ago)
Bhai adulthub.com k bare mein video banao
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Saddam Hussain (1 month ago)
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cs suraj kumar sahu (1 month ago)
Thanks bro.......
GANESH. GANESH (2 months ago)
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PRIYADEEP DEY (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot bro.. I tried cupid and the experience is too bad all are fake here...thank you so much for your honest suggestions...
MOHD NAIM (2 months ago)
masst video
cicdsatish satish (2 months ago)
Don't Waste Ur Precious Time :)
Aftab Khan (2 months ago)
Chatgum is the best online chat app
Vikas Ghule (3 months ago)
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Rani Shinde (3 months ago)
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Mohd. Shaikh (3 months ago)
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preet Singh (3 months ago)
bakwas hai
preet Singh (3 months ago)
never pay in advance, 100% best advice
harit vyas (3 months ago)
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Dinesh Gauda (4 months ago)
good bro
saurabh lonare (4 months ago)
Thanks bro for Suggestion I like many things try in my life....
SUDHAKARA NAIK (4 months ago)
Bhai , www.secretdating.co.in fack hai kya?
JIGNESH PATEL (4 months ago)
Jignesh Patel
JIGNESH PATEL (4 months ago)
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bengali balok (4 months ago)
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manya surve (4 months ago)
Mere yahan tinder koi used nahi karta 😂😂😂😂😂😂
B K MEDIA (4 months ago)
Bhai bahut achha video banaya apne...
juned kureshi (4 months ago)
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Manjinder Kahlon (4 months ago)
Good bro
Amit Baghela (5 months ago)
tina maria (5 months ago)
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Tripti Thaverdasani (5 months ago)
Xcuseee me ap ye sb kya keh rahe m is ap main jan ne k lie aaye hu ap sidhe ek toh real videos banaye faltu bakwas kar rahe mtlb m ye keh rai ap right to d point ni keh rahe phle to ye batao apko kitne jankari hai mje aise koi ek do ache ap batao jisme mje real n genuine n true people mile jo sach m realy baat krna chahte ho n fake ni ho smje rply me
paresh kasar (4 months ago)
Sonu Singh (5 months ago)
Thanks a lot brtr... really, all these dating websites are just a waste of time..!! 🙄🙄
VIVEK YADAV (5 months ago)
Sirf chutiyapa hai ye sb.....koi ladki nhi pat paati hai....sirf time waste hai sb
kelly problem (5 months ago)
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Mike J (6 months ago)
Dont know about you guys but im using bebaddie.com , not an app but it get´s me the results i am looking for xD PS: Chicks there are looking for 1 night stands mostly
prasanta sahoo (6 months ago)
sir dating dedire site ke bare main video banao kaisa hai kya nai
Kuna Patra (6 months ago)
Nice videos yaar
deepak singh negi (6 months ago)
You're to good
deepak singh negi (6 months ago)
perfectly imperfect (6 months ago)
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Deepak makeovers (6 months ago)
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Kinny Hawkins (4 months ago)
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Chandan Mallik (6 months ago)
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rock har (7 months ago)
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jaggi tv (7 months ago)
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TheNeoTV (7 months ago)
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ilu minati (8 months ago)
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Jass Jass (8 months ago)
Thanx bro
Samsher Singh (8 months ago)
Karan Parashar (8 months ago)
nice video
Sk Raj (8 months ago)
Beautiful talk bro i like it
Chawi Chawla (8 months ago)
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Prasa D (8 months ago)
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Satyam patel (8 months ago)
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Ansari Firoj Samad (8 months ago)
Bhai AAP Ne Accha Video Banaya Hai. Very Nice Sir
Narendra Singh (6 months ago)
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umer bashir (8 months ago)
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Piyush Patel (9 months ago)
Narendra Singh (6 months ago)
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AMRESH KAUSHAL (9 months ago)
Thanks Bhai , best video
toy let (9 months ago)
the best part is ,why we should waste time..very good advise. thank u
diwakar yadav (9 months ago)
Thank you boss
Sahil Srivastava (9 months ago)
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Himanshu (9 months ago)
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Imr H (9 months ago)
nice bro
Technical Tips Support (9 months ago)
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sagar babu Sonkar (10 months ago)
stay smart (10 months ago)
Plz make video on coo meet I am using that it's best of all but expensive
Vishtnu Ram (10 months ago)
Guys the truth is its all abt the looks, these days tinder okcupid or any other of u r ugly don't use it cuz nobody comes to nor nobody accept u... Its true bruh... Chances r way too low.... Esp in india...I ve tried like million times not even one match....
Sonu Singh (10 months ago)
Sir wo site bto jo fk na ho plezz sir
Sonu Singh (10 months ago)
Masti date Ki site pr register kaise kr bro ye btao
cloud ravi (10 months ago)
cloud ravi (10 months ago)
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Rinku Singh (10 months ago)
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ratan nath (10 months ago)
Bro you are absolutely right!
Tanvir Reza (10 months ago)
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your channel (11 months ago)
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Jevin House (5 months ago)
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Biswajit Bharali (7 months ago)
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Rushikesh Kalekar (11 months ago)
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Sk Ijrail (11 months ago)
Bhai real site konsa hai
Mahesh Gurav (5 months ago)
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Rakesh Soni (11 months ago)
Very good bro. Thanks
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Amit Lakhmani (11 months ago)
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Rambir Redhu (11 months ago)
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Rambir Redhu (11 months ago)
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