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Looking for love online? See which dating site is best for you

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John Matarese reports so you don't waste your money.
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DRS_ au (1 day ago)
Get scammed by the dating site and then *IF* you are lucky enough to get hooked up you will get scammed by *her* No tx. I still prefer a clean bar room.
John (2 days ago)
I have lost some respect for women after online dating for two months.
irresistibleguy72 (1 month ago)
16 percent of adults have used a dating online site? Like hell ! You can jack that number up by over 50 percent !
FemalePointofView (1 month ago)
Zoosk is unethical and send out pre-written auto messages from you to subscribers and from subscriber to you. They tell you that people are interested in you, when that is really not the case.
Gem Writer (4 months ago)
Flirthouse.online is the best in my view. Too many dating sites are fake.
Marshall Scarlett (3 months ago)
+1 (561) 349-5638
imad ghiati (6 months ago)
I need muslime girl for mariag my number +212670661437

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