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Facebook to launch new dating service

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Zuckerberg says the site will try to find lasting connections between its estimated 200 million singletons. Facebook has come under fire recently over its misuse of user's data. But Zuckerberg promised the new dating site is being built with privacy in mind.
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ucapitanu (6 months ago)
in the metoo era we don't want women anymore, MGTOW AND SMASH ROTHSCHILDS
Zakaria (6 months ago)
You have to be kidding me
A L X (6 months ago)
©™ ALX ⚖ Observations ✍✍ Zuckerberg is in bed with the Zionists. Facebook censors Palestinian's dissent sites. Email Facebook advertiser's and say you are going to boycott their products because they support Facebook and Facebook supports apartheid Zionists colonial entity Israel.
Glyne Martin (6 months ago)
suckers are born every second...
Bad Goy (6 months ago)
Oh no, more catfishes.
C. Lincoln (6 months ago)
Say the jew catfish pretending to be our buddy Hitler.
[EU4] Crimea (6 months ago)
Soon we will start masturbating to AI

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