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$350 ALYX BELT VS $15 EBAY BELT | VerdugoVibes

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EBAY BELT LINKS: Sydney, Australia: http://bit.ly/2yqGrt2 China: http://bit.ly/2yrgiKY Thanks for watching everybody! Don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe! Follow me on Snapchat: Rob.Verdugo Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/verdugovibes/ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Verdugovibes Hope you enjoyed the video, see you in the next one!
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Text Comments (99)
Midas (7 days ago)
Found the enniu belf for £5-7 on UK eBay
spoke1183 (24 days ago)
same shit put them to same test theyll both pass or fail
20-One (1 month ago)
"this ebay belt is the shit!" "who wants to buy this overpriced inferior belt?'
Oscar Huitron (1 month ago)
Dat Bones background instrumental
Sweetpotato Johnson (2 months ago)
It’s not an eBay belt. It’s made by Tactical Son. A Veteran owned American company. https://tacticalson.com/
kogut1977 (2 months ago)
on Gearbest is obout 8 $ https://www.gearbest.com/men-s-belts/pp_009166885265.html?wid=1433363#goodsDetail
kogut1977 (2 months ago)
24 kN is kilonewton (2400 kg strenght). Alyx for sure, china - don't try...
David Simonsen (3 months ago)
an actual honest review, this is why i love u bro
stuart wall (3 months ago)
Strap is way too thick to adjust tightness when buckled. Not Good !!!
Banta Clause (3 months ago)
i just realised who are after watching your videos for a while lmao
aidan chong (4 months ago)
Fold the female end and loop it through the loops bent.
Evocati (4 months ago)
If anyone paid $350 for that belt they're an effing idiot. Who the fuck cares if your belt has a 24kN rating? You're not towing vehicles with it, it holds your pants up.
UNDERDOG SOCIETY 2.0 (4 months ago)
Zach Black (5 months ago)
Why is the 350 dollar belt so flimsy? The belt should be stiff as a board to distrubute the weight of youre carry gun, magazine, multitool, etc. You really got ripped off the most a gun belt should cost you is 100 dollars.
Zach Black (4 months ago)
mikekachowski If you got 350 dollars to spend on a belt, you might as well get something practical and save your money. No ones impressed by your wannabe riggers belt that's cost 4 times as much as a real one. If youre gonna be a mall ninja buy the real stuff, it's actually cheaper.
mikekachowski (4 months ago)
dude its not a utility belt, its from a fashion house named alyx, its not supposed to be a gun belt.
Ben Lamers (6 months ago)
Sooooooooooo..... It’s not a real belt.
Sholto Guiney-Sheppard (6 months ago)
Strays gang
Not my name (6 months ago)
Haha Australia gang
Not my name (6 months ago)
Nah but represent 🇦🇺❤
Dan Tolentino (6 months ago)
Post malone looking asf! Hahahahha
elliot_mmm (6 months ago)
kN (kilo newton) is a unit of force, where 1 N is the force of 1 kg⋅m/s2. and 1kN is 1000 N.
Bryan Vazquez (6 months ago)
Anyone know where I can get the shirt he’s wearing???
Jesse Vang (7 months ago)
Just buy a duty belt, it’s way cheaper
$350. for a China fake Austrialpin quick release buckle with no load rating, lol
Golden Assassin (7 months ago)
You retarded Australian monkey. That's what this belts are supposed to do. They are not for everyday belt use. They are not for your pants. They are tactical belts carrying firearms, magazines, pouches etc so you can put them on and off easily without the fear that they might fall off. You are supposed to wear one belt for your trousers and over that this second belt for other purposes...
Sean Liver (7 months ago)
Can you even pack a gun over there ?
ralph crosby (8 months ago)
It’s 15 bucks, who da fuc cares? Lol
Nikola Blagojevic (9 months ago)
so how do you wear the belt properly? im having the same problem, cant loop it through at all
le stabby (9 months ago)
i have the acw belt and same shit, i have to wear my belt over my belt loop xD
Daniel Bower (9 months ago)
If you turn the part of the buckle wth the gold on it horizontally it can fit through quite small belt loops but you have to do that for each one
Derylis Brotha (9 months ago)
noticed that you listen to lofi too *nods in respect*. damn what was the lofi tune of 4:04, i remember hearing it but can't find the name.
Debbie Armioia Thomas (9 months ago)
Debbie Armioia Thomas (9 months ago)
I surly nam not taking advice from the devil?
isaías n. (9 months ago)
Debbie Armioia Thomas because taurus is cheap and a lower end gun company. try to buy something good like glock, hk, kimber, sig sauer, etc
Be Dope, Stay Toasty (9 months ago)
I have the leather Alyx rollercoaster belt and you cannot put the belt in the loopholes hahah
O R (9 months ago)
your mother regrets giving birth to you
Patrick Zhou (10 months ago)
my mans underground rep <3
KC (10 months ago)
Where can i find that shirt? its dope af bro
toby green (10 months ago)
@verdugovibes if you take the buckle off the belt and then put it through your loops and then back on you can wear the alyx just fine
Zoey Verwer (10 months ago)
get the chest harness alternstive at www.hypealternatives.shopify.com free shipping!
Brendon Hofsetz (10 months ago)
kN is a measure of force (kiloNewtons) 12 kN = 2698 pound-force 24 kN = 5395 pound-force Not sure what the symbols mean but probably something to do with the force the buckle can handle before failing
Chad Kreiser (6 months ago)
Brendon Hofsetz my guess is that 12 kN is the weight/force rating unclipped and the 24kN is the rating of the belt clipped
Riad Ahmed (10 months ago)
eBay is okay
firestarter maxu (10 months ago)
if you're paying 350 for a belt that jawn better be gucci or mcm
S Le (7 months ago)
That better come with a happy ending
firestarter maxu (8 months ago)
Real Bous I get what you're saying and for the most part i spend my money on shit I want, I'm just talking about real high end ish. I see what you're saying tho
Real Bous (8 months ago)
When you get the opportunity you will probably realize you dont want to spend that hard earned money to please others. I thought that too when i was broke "man i cant wait to flex on these dudes" and then when i had the money i wanted to flex on myself and do what i like.
firestarter maxu (8 months ago)
Real Bous I see what you're saying, I don't really wear designer like that and I very much have my own style. i also just don't have the money to spend 350 on something I like. i totally get your point im just saying that when I have the opportunity to actually wear designer i wang to show it off
Real Bous (8 months ago)
I'd rather pay money for something i like myself. Why would i ever buy something so "ppl know its designer"? insecure much? Instead of advertising for brands on your body try to actually find a style :) any style please.
What shirt is that??
TheMrKalei (10 months ago)
you dont take it out to thread it thru the loops you unbuckle it
Joonsoo Yi (1 year ago)
Or just rip off the belt from your car and use it as your daily belt?
Lavars Balls 69 (1 year ago)
How long did you have to wait for shipping
Kyle DC (1 year ago)
kN stands for kilonewtons which is a measure of force. I'm assuming 24kN is how much force the belt is rated to withstand before breaking.
Martin Rojo (1 year ago)
If you search around for an austrialpin cobra buckle, you can get the exact same buckle that Alyx use (minus the branding) for cheap, and just sew some fabric onto it for the same belt at a fraction of the price
Steven (1 year ago)
Sold out :(
akaBryce (1 year ago)
If anybody got any alternative links lmk . Most of the ones verdugo linked are sold out or take too long to arrive
Gareth Bennett-Allen (1 year ago)
There is a company called Fusion Tactical that makes similar belts. They have a websites but you can get them on amazon if you search 'fusion tatical belt' but they are more expensive
γυταρ (1 year ago)
For anyone here, its on aliexpress too for 10 bucks, Verdugo you may wanna put it in the description for people wanting to wait a month ! just search supsindy in aliexpress and it will pop up!
geigster (10 months ago)
I made it with the legit same buckle on ebay for $50
Lino Unrath (1 year ago)
Waiting one month for a belt from China - NAH Looking for a belt from Australia for one month and then ordering it - YEAH
S Le (7 months ago)
Same time frame
Lino Unrath (1 year ago)
btw I got your point of buying local
Alvin Anis (1 year ago)
Man if you sell that one belt for that price, you can purchase so much more of the essentials aka outerwear or shoes, tbh that’s a banging deal for me.
Mitch (1 year ago)
ya boi finally wearing some colors 👌 btw, do more videos like this.
kuyo kot (1 year ago)
cause u lowkey hypebeast thats why u copped that alyx.?
Shaun Dutt (1 year ago)
If you guys want the black belt (sold out) you can buy the other colours and then buy the nylon material separately and stitch it onto the buckle, the material is really cheap as well, and gives you control on length and width of the belt. Search a guy named Forino on YouTube he gives a good tutorial on how to do this
Ming En (1 year ago)
12kN and and 24kN is then tension load that the buckle will take on straigh-tline and pulley respectively. Have a similar buckle from a military surplus store and it shows a diagram next to the numbers
Lil H (1 year ago)
What........ id rather get a gucci belt
Adi Rawat (6 months ago)
Fuck Johan (8 months ago)
Lil H ew
Renae Santaguida (1 year ago)
Omg are you wearing colour?!
justinbartonftw (1 year ago)
Wow didn't realise vibes was turning into buzzfeed smh
Jordan Leonard (1 year ago)
sold out already lmao love the video man!
bwinfield1992 (1 year ago)
verdugo u do u play rs gvng
bwinfield1992 (1 year ago)
Lil H (1 year ago)
bwinfield1992 runescape?
Jack Moulsdale (1 year ago)
Just bought myself one. Props for this video!
Ian (1 year ago)
I had this belt bookmarked from Amazon for month now it cost 50 damn bux in canada
Ian (1 year ago)
ordered one from china :)
Riku Veli (1 year ago)
there's nothing more satisfying than the clink sound the belt makes in a plane's seat
Turhan Kommentoija (1 month ago)
Riku Veli (1 year ago)
also, hawaiian shirt boyes
5nak3y (1 year ago)
fasten your seatbelt gang
Alexander Abaimov (1 year ago)
I made for myself like ton of these belts :D https://drive. google. com/file/d/0B3VvzrWDxoeIVmhhZHRHTG5iMk0
Hoopi (1 year ago)
If you want something with more details, tech, like clasps, d-rings etc. you can DIY these or buy ones from people like Havona labs who can custom make them to your specs for like $70 shipped to aus if you're into that
Marcos (1 year ago)
Got you guys. search 'Cool Men Outdoor Hiking Sports Waistband Army Military Nylon Buckle Belt Healthy' on ebay. looks similar. judge for yourself.
Yemzi (8 months ago)
Wow. That might be the exact same belt...
Nathan F (1 year ago)
kN is a unit of force, the kilonewton. So it's probably rated to hold roughly 1200kg (12,000/9.81 = 1223 kg), but I'd never try and test that limit.
Marcos (1 year ago)
sold out in black. nooooo
Elijah Thompson (1 year ago)
This is sick, I just bought the ebay belt like right now. Where did you get the UNIQLO U bag cus its not on the Australian website???
Marcos (1 year ago)
who needs to pay that much
Jared Nadelman (1 year ago)
belt already sold out in black for the Sydney link
Honza Vavřina (1 year ago)
notification gang
Marcos (1 year ago)
anyone else like before you watch?

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