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Hitler about Tiesto's new music style

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TRANCE 4 LIFE !! video: Downfall (the movie) audio: Tiesto - Traffic lyrics & edit: Silverstorm
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Text Comments (80)
Jefferson Huang (2 years ago)
Why would you play "Traffic" during a rant video?
Jefferson Huang (2 years ago)
+sharpedog101 But it just killed the humor of the mood almost
ARMIN van Buuren
Graveyard Explore (4 years ago)
How did deadmau5 come into this?
EDMelodic (4 years ago)
"I sent them Markus Schulz." xD
EDMelodic (5 years ago)
The Lion King, I think..
EDMelodic (5 years ago)
That French girl, Daniella Guetta! hahahah, awesome.
William Kelley (5 years ago)
LOL, what a bad move sending Markus Schulz. He's the Trance/House hybrid. #Fail
TsmithWin (5 years ago)
Why the fuck did you make the writing disappear so quick had to fucking pause the damn video everytime
Admiral Ackbar (5 years ago)
Ibrahim Farouk (5 years ago)
And again YT not TY
Admiral Ackbar (5 years ago)
Oh, man. I am a fucking retard. I always look at those retarded comments on TY and think, "Man, how do these people function normally being that retarded??" I have become what I despise... I am sorry youtube for you guys having to endure the sheer retarded-ness of my comment.
Arash Dounel (6 years ago)
What movie is this from?
Ivan Lavarini (6 years ago)
@djsilverboy can i take ur phrases to do a same video in italian ?! :)
Fares AlKurdi (6 years ago)
& with his Justin Bieber Remix
Fares AlKurdi (6 years ago)
I dont see why Deadmau5 dragged into that
Fares AlKurdi (6 years ago)
you can say we started losing Ferry cheesy sound + his album not that good + Justin Fucking Bieber Remix your comment expired
Fares AlKurdi (6 years ago)
hahahahhahaha think you are smarter/know better than anyone else? FAIL
bananashitable (6 years ago)
@mrly0ns Ferry Corsten is also dead with his WKND
cpweyand (6 years ago)
Dexterr Morgan (6 years ago)
deadmau5 ftw
Dexterr Morgan (6 years ago)
@sabsterblaster skrillex isn't electro he's dubstep
transcending (6 years ago)
lol!! 'i've personally sent a man!" "I've sent them Markus Schulz!"
AzurCloud (6 years ago)
@mrly0ns Nohohohohoho :S!!!
Tester2244 (6 years ago)
Then i would trow him down in a chamber with 500db of hard trance LOL wins.
Arjun Singh (6 years ago)
I personally sent our man MARKUS SCHULZ ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!
farzad Angooli (6 years ago)
im agree with him
Darby Wong (6 years ago)
@MrUtster hahaha...stupid moron.
pepe lopez (6 years ago)
pepe lopez (6 years ago)
Armin is the best
Vladimir Jeger (6 years ago)
@DJRonXx In Serbia it's the same, at least 70 % population likes our home land music and commercial music, oder 30 % devided to rock, hip hop, trance etc.
iEatTacos (6 years ago)
Also Trance is very much alive in America. But with Guetta doing hip hop and rap, and deadmau5 commercialism, along with Skirllex is nothing more than phase. Trance will always rule. SO FUCK SKRILLEX AND DAVID GUETTA and house music!
iEatTacos (6 years ago)
@sabsterblaster Skrillex isnt electro he is "Dubstep" regardless I hate Skrillex
DJRonXx (6 years ago)
@vladimirjeger in France it's unlikely the same way... radio songs...
twanzie media (6 years ago)
I love Trance, Electro, and House!!! They are are awesome in there own form. no need to hate on those genres. I agree with Tiesto selling out completely. he is the next David Guetta. I hope after he conquers the world he will slowly move back to his Trance which is better than anything he has put out recently
Vladimir Jeger (6 years ago)
@djsilversboy I don't think so...he was first when was a trance producer, now he is third
Vladimir Jeger (6 years ago)
@camelont688 Respect to you, but a few americans like trance and the rest 90% likes commercial music
Carmen (6 years ago)
I'm offended. I'm American and I love Trance! :D and the part about David Guetta made me lol
pepe lopez (6 years ago)
AVB es el mejor!
Vladimir Jeger (6 years ago)
@MrUtster Ahahahhaha you play smart, and you don't know what AVB stand's for...LOL
Mihai ML (6 years ago)
not agree that tiesto is going into electro, he is clearly going into progressive house style. maybe he has a little bit of influence of electro but majorly he is know a progressive house Dj and that's because progressive house is getting into trance. trance music has changed a lot since tiesto was number 1 at dj mag.
trancelover8 (6 years ago)
you know, not everyone reads a sentence in 0.06 seconds...
Cristóbal del Campo (6 years ago)
tranceeris (6 years ago)
unfortunattely it seems armin slowly goes down guettas road to dumb music, and ferry is not as creative as he once was releasing 1 album per 3 years. The only one i could say did a good job this year was Paul Oakenfold, but i cant seem to find anyone else. Trance 4 Life (pure trance of course not electro-trance and other idiot music combinations).
kajtejazvem (6 years ago)
makev3li (6 years ago)
The only way to sell records in America seems to be to dumb down the music.
Aldo González (6 years ago)
@mrly0ns Ferry Corsten has fallen in electro music too... "check it out" is the proof
zeppage4 (6 years ago)
American here and I've been in love with trance for almost 5 years now. Though I think electro-house is worth appreciating, guess I'm just a sucker for anything electronic. :P
anpaol2 (6 years ago)
"I've personally sent a man. I sent them Markus Schulz" ...Meanwhile Markus is tweeting about Paris Hilton...
vibesifu (7 years ago)
the simple fact that trance music is associated with hitler is painful enough X_X
Giovanni LV (7 years ago)
... Daniela Guetta ROFL!
Lrdvltr (7 years ago)
Yeah, deadmau5 isn't bad but when the young audiences in the US start listening to good music, they ruin it.
silverstorm (7 years ago)
@sabsterblaster share at your will :)
sabsterblaster (7 years ago)
Now all we have to do is paste this on every Skrillex video & teach these youngsters Electro is WHACKKK!!! Trance till I DIE!!!
liquor61709 (7 years ago)
Traffic that's the song on the back ground
silverstorm (7 years ago)
@sabsterblaster Tiesto - Traffic
sabsterblaster (7 years ago)
can anyone post what track is playing in the background?really appreciate it. thanks.
silverstorm (7 years ago)
@the7assawy Downfall
Neptune22h (7 years ago)
@Neptune22h Fade's Sanctuary Mix back in 1998/1999, Tiesto's version was released back in 2000, and his version was way overrated for my taste and now what does he do? crappy electro with crappy rappers, etc. all crap, at least Sven Vath did not gone as crap as Tiesto gone.
Neptune22h (7 years ago)
@Chrusuhead well, even if his music is not the best nowadays, we have to admit, he was one of the REAL pioneers of Trance Music along with Oliver Lieb, Harald Bluchel (Cosmic Baby), Jam & Spoon, Dance 2 Trance & a few others, Tiesto didn't do anything, he just made Trance Music becomming even more commercial than what it was already, for example, why do many people cinsider his remix of Silence the best trance track ever when there was already a very giood remix of it and way better: the
Neptune22h (7 years ago)
@camelont688 not really, the best producers are the ones who never gone commercial and always know what is real music, i'm talking about dj's/producers like Sasha, John Digweed, Sven Vath and a few others, Tiesto gone crap at a long time ago since he produced that crappy Traffic which is used in this video as well as his awful version of adagio for strings, seriously, why did he ruined an all-time classic, when Ferry did an awesome remix of it in 1999 and it's still considered THE classic?
Neptune22h (7 years ago)
500 db, that wouldn't be hard trance, it would hardish speedcore gabber.
Neptune22h (7 years ago)
@mrly0ns and Markus Schulz, :)
João Souza (7 years ago)
I live in brazil and I love trance music. I'm alone :( This happens not just on eletronic music, people want craps like justin bieber and lady gaga. The really good music is unpopular because just intelligent people know how to appreciate it.
Hector Vega (7 years ago)
@TheSoullady24 haha so many people have used it for alot of things x], it's actually really funny
Admiral Ackbar (7 years ago)
@mrly0ns its not AVB its ATB idiot lol
Katharina Heaven (7 years ago)
Omg... wtf bad translation :p i am german :p all who wanna know what they say for real write me :P pretty bad to use such a hard film for a parody ... honestly :/
Anis Chaandio (7 years ago)
SO TruE !! BUHAHAHAHAHahahahahaha @ Daniella GUetta !! : D WHY THE FK DAniella Guetta is so popular !! : @ ARIMN FOREVA !!! : D I hope tiesto learns something !! We want HIM BK in his shoes with his hands !!
jorge garcia (7 years ago)
lol fuckin funny good job
Mickey Price (7 years ago)
very good video, fuckin hate electro crap, no emotion. its a shame most canadians dont know what music is.
Mickey Price (7 years ago)
very good video, fuckin hate electro crap, no emotion.
Gabor Szalai (7 years ago)
funny xD
Euphorica (7 years ago)
TranceElevation (7 years ago)
What a pathetic video. Tiesto is death, stop crying you little girls.
qbasic16 (7 years ago)
LOL Daniella Guetta, the little French girl :D
hurr durr (7 years ago)
LOL this is so fuckin win.
silverstorm (8 years ago)
@DjDreadd agree :)
silverstorm (8 years ago)
@TechnoForTheWin666 with his new musical style he'll make more many,fans,votes on dj.mag ...
CBD (8 years ago)
Not all American's don't like trance !!!! :D
Milton Cruz (8 years ago)
this video should have lots of views and ratings cuz its the freaking truth!!!!

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