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Names for Grandparents.

Ammo : My son calls my mother "Ammo", because he tried to say "Grandma" and couldnt. My mom loves the name! Anya : Pronounced like "onion" without the "n", this is supposedly based on a Hungarian word for "grandmother." My mother called her grandmother by this name, and so did all of her great-grandchildren. I am thinking of being called Apple by my first grandchild as i am a granny smith!. Auntie-Gramma : because I married my stepmothers brother and we bred (LOL). So now my stepmother is both an aunt and a grandma. At Mrs Mary: When my brother was 1 or so he was in day care where he had a Mrs Mary, our fathers sister was also Mary and soon became At Mrs Mary (He couldnt say Aunt). Everyone loved the name and when she had grandchildren of her own they called her At Mrs Mary too. Ba-Ba When I was little I couldnt say Pa-Pa so I ended up calling my grandpa Ba-Ba and it just stuck. Baba & Gigi: I call them Baba and Gigi. Its from the Polish/Ukrainian background. Sometimes I just call my Baba Bubs. Babchi/Dadju : My Grandmother and Grandfather were from the Ukraine. We always called my grandmother Babchi (bop-chee) or Baba (Bah-bah) and my grandfather was Dadju (Dah-jooh). I was always told that Baba was Ukrainian and Babchi was Russian. Babci & Dziadzio : Hubby and I are each 100% Polish, and when we had our first, his Mom was already called Busia ( again an Americanized version of Babcia ), and my Mom became Bunia , a shortening of the derivative Babunia . Both our Dads were Dziadzio . As both families lived far apart, it worked. When our first g-child was born, we pondered, as Busia (which signifies "old" to me) and Bunia were taken. So I became Babci (it is even on my license plates!) and Hubby became Dziadzio. It is a lot easier to have Babci and Dziadzio on one side, and Grandma and Grandpa on the other ( our SIL is from good, Iowa stock). It is, however, more difficult for our older g-child to explain to her Iowa friends what Babci and Dziadzio mean, than say, in ethnic Chicago. Hubbys sister in Indianapolis adopted Bunia for herself with her g-children, and so it continues. Are your eyes glazed over yet. Babcia and DziaDiza - These are Polish for grandma and grandpa.